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Module: Klik Cast


This is the "click casting" module of Klik. It allows casting of spells by simply clicking on a unit button. All mouse buttons (left, middle, right, button4 and button5) are support. You can also use modifier keys (Shift, Control, Alt) and combinations thereof to allow for huge number of click assignments to a button (35 combinations). KlikCast can be used with most third party "unitframe" addons (perl, xperl, discord unitframes, ...), however it tightly integrates with KlikUnitFrames, which is the prefered choice.


In this screen different so called "klikcast-sets" can be defined. A klikcast-set is a set of mouse-click mappings (clickcasting-mapping), which can be assigned to a button. One special set is the Unit buttons set, which is the default set used when clicking a "unit button". Other sets can be defined for other uses, like a set with totem spells for assignment to the KlikButtons or special spells for the GridButtons.

To define a new klikcast-set, simply click the Add button and a new set with defaults will be created. Existing sets can be removed by selecting the approriate line and then hitting Delete. To modify an existing klikcast-set, simply click on it in the top frame and a new frame will appear below it, where you can change the details.

KlikCast-set details are currently only the label. This label is shown in lists and drop down menus, so it makes sense to pick something which describes your set, like "totems" for a totem set or "teleport" for a klikcast-set with teleports and portals.

Assign Actions

Here you can see what actions are assigned to mouse-combinations. An action can be a spell, usage of an icon, target an unit, a macro and many more. A mouse combination is a mouse button, optionally combined with a modifier key (Shift, Alt and/or Control).

The center screen shows these assignments. By clicking on one of the labels in the headline of the pane, the list will be sorted by the clicked field (e.g. clicking on 'Button' will sort the list by mousebutton).

On top of this screen are the selectors for the klikcast-set and its subgroup. These are:

On the button of the screen are buttons for adding new action mappings, modifying existing ones and deleting no longer needed assignments. To add a new mapping, first select from the dropdown to the left what kind of mapping you would like to add (for details on the different mappings, see below). Then click the Add button. To remove an existing mapping, just select the mapping in the list and hit Delete. And to modify an existing mapping, also select it from the list and hit Modify. A screen with the mapping details will then appear, where you can change the settings.

NOTE: It is not possible to change the "type" of a mapping (e.g. "Spell" to "Target"). To do this you first have to delete the mapping and then create a new mapping with the desired type.

Assignable Actions

Assign mouse-button click

Assigning the action to the mouse button is the same for each action. In the top left of the screen is a pane with the title Assign mouse-button click, containing a red button. The label on the button displays the currently mapped mouse button, if any. To change this setting (or set a new one), just click this button with the desired mouse button. You may also use the modifier keys Shift, Alt and Control, and any combination of them.


Here you can assign spells to a mouse button. First select the spell you want to assign in the Spells pane. You can do this by selecting one of your spell book tabs, and then the spell you want to assign. In the Selected Spell pane you can then select which rank you want to cast. If you select "Max Rank", always the hightest rank will be taken, even if you learn a higher rank as you currently have. Last but not least assign the mouse button in the Assingn mouse-button click pane. Just click the red button with the key combination you want to assign. To use modifier keys, just press them while you click on the button. You can use Shift, Alt, Control and any combination of the tree.

Pet Spell

Here you assign your pets spells. Note that your pet has to be summoned (alive) while you assign the spells. Simply pick the spell you want from the dropdown list and assign the mouse button click.


Here you can set up the usage of items by mouse clicks. Items will be check in your bags and also equipped items (bags first). Just enter the name of the item in the edit box (capitalization matters!). If the item is found, the image of the item will be displayed next to your input. "Using" item will do the same as if you would right click them in the bag (or equipment slot): potions will be used, bandages will bandage the clicked unit, weapons and armors will be equiped, ...

Bag Slot

This action will use the item in a specific bag slot (eg. always the topleft slot in your leftmost bag). This is useful when you always store the same item there, e.g. a potion. To make the assignment, simply check the bag you want to use, and them the item in the drop downs. The dropdowns will provide you with the name of the bag and the item in the slot, if possible.

Equip Slot

Similar to bag slot, you can use an equipment slot with this action, e.g. the first trinket. If the item is "usable", it will trigger the spell contained (or whatever else it does), if not the item will be unequiped (removed) and placed in one of your bags. To make the assignment, simply chose the equipment slot from the dropdown. The item currently in this slot will be provided as additional information.


Here you can map an action slot to your mouse. First you need to chose which bar the slot is located on and then the number of the slot. The click would then do exactly the same as if you would click on the action slot itself.

Pet Action

Maps a specific pet action slot to your mouse click. The pet action bar is the small bar on top of your lower left action bar (in the standard wow UI). Note that your pet has to be active (summoned, alive) for this assignment to work.


In this screen you can assign one of your macros to a mouse button click. First select which group of macros you want to access (global or player specific) and then select the slot. The name of the current macro in the slot will be given for reference. Note however that you map the slot, and not the macro itself! So it might happen that you define a new macro and the wow macro editor places this macro in a slot lower than the one selected, then the macro which now occupies the slot will be cast! Tip: Use "macro (custom)" instead.

Macro (custom)

Here you can create a custom macro. First you give it a short and descriptive name, and then enter the body of the macro into the big box. When you are done, you need to hit save. You also need to hit save when you change something in the body, otherwise these changes will be lost upon leaving the screen.


Here you can define which mouse button combination you want to use to target someone (standard: Left Mouse Button). Any button and modifiers can be used.


Same as target, but for your focus.


Defines which mouse button is used for the assist action. You then can click a friendly unit with the mouse button you defined and will assist this unit.

Stop Casting

Which mouse button to use to abort a spell which you are currently casting. You could just move to do that too...


Which mouse button to use to bring up the unit menu (or any other standard menu assigned to the (unit) frame). Normally this is mapped to the right button, but you are free to use any mouse button combination you want, including modifier keys.


Here you can set options which affect all klikcast-sets. These settings are:
Button Assign Mode The behavior, if you assign a mouse click to a button in a clickcast mapping:
  • Yield: You will get an error message that the mouse combination is already used. No mapping occurs.
  • Override: You will get a warning that the mouse combination is in use, however the mapping will still be done.
Note that this setting only affects the mouse button assignments screens of click, not how KlikCast will deal with button assignments of other (possibly conflicting) addons! There are two ways to resolve such conflicts: a) The conflicting addon provides a way to disable its mouse button assignments or b) you need to disable the conflicting addon.
Enable Blizzard Frames If checked, clicking the Blizzard frames will trigger clickcasting.
Enable Blizzard Raid Frames If checked, clicking the raid frames of the standard Blizzard gui will trigger clickcasting.

Module: Klik Buttons Table of Contents Module: Klik Castbar
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