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Klik is an World of Warcraft addon. Its main goals are:

  • Provide click casting
  • Provide an UI especially geared towards click casting
  • Provide an UI to give clear, but detailed information

Click-casting means to cast spells with the mouse, in a context sensitive way. E.g. when you click a friendly player with your left mouse button, a heal would be casted, but if you click an enemy, the left mouse button could trigger a damage spell. It is the goal of Klik to enable the user to cast all spells (and related "abilities") with the mouse only. Klik is also able to support stance based mouse button assignments for KlikUnitFrames and KlikGrid.

The second major part is the user interface (UI). Klik strives to provide you with clear and detailed information, so that you can see very quickly what is going on and what need to be done. For example Klik will display you a list of buffs missing on a player, instead of giving you a long list of active buffs and let you search out yourself what buff the player misses. Although second would be possible, as the Klik interface is very customizable.

Klik is separated into different modules, which all can be loaded on demand. Meaning, if you do not want to have the "buff support", you just would not load the "KlikBuff" module. In contratry to switching this module off ingame, this method has the advantage that you would not "waste" memory for modules you do not need. Some modules however have "dependencies", but this will be resolved by itself (e.g. you will get a warning if you disable a module others depend on).

The name "Klik" is a combination of the addon being delivered in modules which you can "click" together (think of it like puzzle, where you only use the parts you need) and the main focus on "click casting". And as I live in the Netherlands now for quite some time, I ended up in naming it "Klik".

Table of Contents Table of Contents Module: Klik
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